Sunday, 9 January 2011

Whos Making The Brew

Ive finally taking the plunge and published my first Android application on the Market.

"Who's Making The Brew?" aims to easy the pain and difficulty of deciding who's making the next brew.

Commonly at my work and at friends everyone wants a brew but no one wants to make it.

Its a simply application at present but I've got a few more things I want to add to it before I say it complete. I've been learning Android for a few weeks now and thought it was the easiest  and best way to finally apply some of the techniques and code I've learnt.

The application consists on a three stage process.
1) Enter your players
2) Run the round
3) Display the results

Its tiny in size at only 96K including animations and graphics.

I have already noted things I've done wrong and things I would do better but since it my first application these things where always going to happen. Any comments and feedback are always wanted.

Future changes to include:

* Ability to email the results to people.
* Statics on brew round players.
* Ability to store the most recent brew round entrants.
* Improved graphics and styling.

Simply scan the barcode with your Android phone to take you to the Market

Works and tested on all Android phones version 1.6+