Sunday, 30 January 2011

Whos Making The Brew V1.3

Due to time constraints this weekend, I've only had a few hours this afternoon to play around in the Android world. As a result of this I've only added two small features to the application.

New features:

1) Improved design and usability to how to add players to a group.
I wasn't happy with the way you add players to groups at present so set out with a new design in mind, this one should hopefully be much more user friendly and functional than the last.
In order to add a group, now when you select "Add Group" from the menu on the home screen, you get presented with a dialog box to type the name of the group in.

2) Added animation effects when displaying the results of a round.
This was a request from a user and I like it. Simply animation at present, the initial rows appear to fly in from the back ground when results are show. Eventually this is the type of effect which will be controllable from a settings menu, when I get time to create one.

Any comments. issues, bugs please let me know. 

Future releases to include.

* Profiles for different activities, not just making tea.
* Improve design and functionality of Groups.
* GPS based Tea Rounds, using Android's location based services to load and save groups of players dependant on a particular geographic location. 
* Statics on brew round players. 
* Settings menu for control of features and animations.
* Ability to hook into Android's contacts list to chose players.
* Improve styling and graphics in general.

Simply scan the barcode with your Android phone to take you to the Market

Works and tested on all Android phones version 1.6+