Monday, 4 April 2011

Who's Making The Brew v1.7

After a wet and relaxing weekend in "Sunny" Manchester, I've had a little free time to add some nice new features to "Who's Making The Brew". Most notable I've changed how the Tea Timer works, pushing all timing logic into an Android service, and abstracting away many replicated methods into Utility classes for re-use. The Tea Timer now vibrates on completion and displays a countdown time as a notification in the Android status bar. Preferences to control these features are coming in the next release.

Another Break though I have had, is the ability to view Android source code in Eclipse.

Change log includes:

---- 1.7 - 3rd April 2011 

* Fixed preference bug not showing on fresh install
* Fixed dashboard layout, icons centre aligned and all same size
* Add tea timer V2
* Added notifications and vibration
* Re-factor replicated methods in to utility methods
* Set up source files for apk
* Added Menu to Dashboard