Sunday, 20 March 2011

Who's Making The Brew v1.6

Added new functionality to the application over the last two weekends, not had a great amount of time this weekend so only had time to tidy up code and polish of the preferences functionality .

Team Timer
The inclusion of the Tea timer functionality is to compete with similar applications on the Android market place, only problem is that it is very early stage development, i.e. it may have bugs and to be honest it's not the nicest looking and or functional piece of software. Following the promise to myself to get a release out every two weeks (max) I still deem this to be useful and hope to get feedback from any potential users to let me know what they think. 
Change Log
This is a common feature of many applications on the market place and even thought the latest version of the Android Market app allows for change logs, this allows the user to see any changes instantly once upgrading. The Changelog only gets shown on version upgrade and can be disabled as a setting/preference if deemed unnecessary.

I've been reading "Android in Action" so tried adding things on my feature list which can be easily covered and applied from the book, preferences are a ideal point to start applying things I've read/learnt. This should hopefully lead to a large array of customizable functionality within the app.

I've been using logging whilst developing Android applications but never quite been happy with it. I simply wrap the inbuilt logger and expose it in a slightly different manor so it's easier and more functional to me during the development process. 

Change log includes:

---- 1.6 - 20th March 2011

+ Added Change Log
+ Implemented New Application Logging
+ Added Application Preferences
+ Added Tea Timer V1
+ Added Tea Timer To Dashboard
+ Added Tea Timer Progress Bar

Simply scan the barcode with your Android phone to take you to the Market
Works and tested on all Android phones version 1.6+